FIDES retainment calculation

Calculation of sheet pile walls, timber sheet and in situ concrete walls, anchor verifications and graphical representation of the results


Dimensioning of all types of walls, dimensioning of anchors and walings. Extension to WALLS-Retain, but also applicable for other retainment calculation programs.


FEA-calculation of retainment walls. Determination of settlements and displacements. calculation kernel: SOFiSTiK TALPA. System import from WALLS-Retain.


Entry level solution of our approved program WALLS-Retain. Calculation of retaining walls like sheet pile, timber sheet, in situ concrete and drill pile walls, verification of anchors and graphic representation of the results.

Slopes, Embankments and Retainment Buildings
FIDES-GeoStability (KEM)

Safety of stability and bank sliding with the Kinematic Element Analysis Method (KEA).


Calculation of earth pressure due to Culmann/Gudehus


Calculation of seepage in geotechnics for steady seepage due to DARCY. Determination of the free ground water level, seepage velocity as well as amount of seepage.


Calculation of cantilever walls.


Determination of slope stability with the method of slices due to Krey-Bishop according to the requirements of the DIN 4084 paragraph 11.2.

Baseplates and Foundations

Calculation of planar foundation plates due to the elastic semi infinite space modell (elastic half space). Calculation kernel from SOFiSTiK


Calculation of settlements for single foundations due to DIN 4019.


Calculation of settlements for groups of foundations with mutual interaction due to DIN 4019.


Verification of bearing capacity of the common types of foundations due to DIN 4017-100.

PILEpro (Base/FEM)

Calculation and dimensioning of spacial pile works with rigid head plates (Base) or elastic head plate (FEM). Any number of soil layers and elastic supports, calculation of shadowing effects, dimensioning of piles. Calculation kernel: SOFiSTiK


2D/3D Graphic interactive generation of system in tunneling construction for planar member chains and shells (Beam).

FIDES steel constructions

Typified connections. Dimensioning of connections in the range of steel building constructions due to DIN 18800, Eurocode 3, DASt. Link up to SOFiSTiK-database.


Lateral torsional buckling and structural safety of stell members. DIN 18800-2 replacement beam- and ultimate load method, Theo of I.+II.order, eigen values

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