Calculation of Retainment walls due to DIN/EAB/EAU

WALLS-LT is a smaller version of our proven excavation pit application WALLS-Retain at an attractive price! Sufficient for most problems regarding analysis of retaining walls, the engineer has an efficient and state of the art software at hand. With WALLS-LT several types of walls can be analysed either as non anchored or as multiply anchored constructions.





Due to the user friendly, graphical input and the clearly arranged and structured results output in our recent result browser, WALLS-LT offers the best possible support for the planning engineer and helps a lot for efficient and time saving processing.

The program provides calculation and design coresponding to European design standards including NA for Germany as well as other European countries. Special requirements coming from EAB and EAU are completly supported, older geotechnical engineering standards can be selected for e.g. recalculations.

Performance characteristics

  • Analysis using Eurocode 7, DIN 1054 old & new, OENORM, SIA and EAB+EAU
  • Wall types: Sheet pile walls, soldier pile walls, in-situ walls, diaphragm walls, bored pile walls: secant, tangential, intermittent
  • Internal forces, dead and live loads comprehensible seperated
  • Bending stiffness of the wall variable in any sections
  • Any numbers of horizontal soil layers, polygonal shape of landscape, horizontal groundwater
  • Earth pressure according to Coulomb, DIN4085 or Culmann-Method
  • Automation for quickly finding reasonable redistribution figures
  • Access to the extendable Soil-layer-databank which is shared by every FIDES geotechnical modul
  • Free combination of different load types; permanent, variable, wide area loads and concentrated loads, wall loads, railway loads, different per-load pressure distributions
  • Any supports: strut or anchor, preloaded, elastic or stiff, determining the anchor lentgh with failure in the lower failure plane
  • Verification of anchor walls
  • Struts and anchors can be set active or passive in every construction stage
  • Wall toe: support free, clamped, or bedded, modulus of subgrade reaction to EB102
  • Any number of excavation or demolition phases
  • Additional calculations with e.g. WALLS-FEM, FIDES-Slipcircle or FIDES-GeoStability convenient due to identical file format
  • Streamline motion with boundary element method
  • Verification of the safety of hydraulich heave, groundwater levels
  • WALLS- Dimensioning: single verification of every component such as wall, anchor and waling 

User interface

  • Graphically interactive Interface with great modeling freedom
  • Wizard with a spreadsheet interface for quick parameter variations and simple trenches


  • Graphics embedded in text
  • Highly detailed and verifiable Output
  • Fast graphical check of the results, anchor and strut forces, internal forces and envelope
  • Wide-ranging opportunities for individual control of the printing volume
  • Free configuration of header and footer

Comparison Matrix



WALLS-Retain + WALLS-Dimensioning

Earth pressure



Unlimited amount of ground layers

Top ground surface polygonal

Ground layers polygonal

Water surface polygonal

Active earth pressure according to Culmann

Active earth pressure profile freely definable

Passive earth pressure profile freely definable

Passive and negative earth pressure in front of the base of the walls

Earth pressure according to Gudehus (passive)

Earth quake loads




Unlimited amount of anchors and supports

max. 5

Pre-stressed anchors

Elastic anchors




Water pressure profile freely definable

Water pressure as flow-pressure

Hydraulic base failure




Ground bedding redistributions according to different design

Considering EB 102

Adaptive adaption of ground bedding

Geotechnical Analysis



Slip circle stability


Deisgn of different kinds of retaining walls

Anchor analysis of deep slip joints

* requires additionally FIDES-Groundslab or FIDES-GeoStability, export of system data is possible

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