FIDES Software

FIDES Service-Center: Program Setup and Licensing



Download FIDES_Service-Center.exe


  • The FIDES Service-Center will allow you to install, update and license FIDES DV-Partner programs. Use the navigation tabs on the left side to select the right tool for each task.


  • Using the "Programs" tabs, you can install and update all our programs. We reccomend you to close all FIDES programs except the FIDES Service-Center before. Ensure to have administrator rights on this computer in order to install software. Furthermore, don't have any anti virus software block the FIDES Service-Center's installation activities.


  • You can find a summary of your license status in the tab "Licenses". Here, you can request free Demo licenses, commercial licenses and license updates.

alternative installation (without FIDES Service-Center)

If you want to download our programs as far as individual setups, please use this link.

Don't forget to install the additionally required common components "FIDES-Shared"!


Please note: Our new versions do not support Windows-XP any longer!
The supported operating systems are: Vista, Win7, Win8/8.1, Win10